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Wellness Facility Information


We have Up Front Pricing, No Contracts, No Tricks, No Gimmicks, No "Got-ya's", No "Catch"! We have only pure transparency! Just pick what membership works best for you to meet your health/medical fitness goals. We're PROUD to offer classes & programs designed specifically for different conditions that are taught by staff trained in proper techniques.

We have all the new aged high end fitness programs/routines but we stick to a traditional SIMPLE membership schedule that is fully inclusive of EVERY service we offer. .


We are a specialty fitness facility and not your traditional "Gym". There are many great traditional fitness programs, gyms, bootcamps and exercise facilities in our wonderful town of Vacaville CA and if our specialty model is not what you are looking for we are happy to refer you to another program that would be best. Our model is different but simple, we offer classes & programs designed specifically for different health/fitness conditions that are taught by staff trained in proper techniques. 

We also work EXTREMELY hard to negotiate the best deals on equipment, facility space, programs and more. By doing this we save on business expenses and can pass those savings on to our clients, that's YOU! 

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